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Vyttila Mobility Hub, After Completion It Will Be Largest Bus Terminus in the Kerala State & Third Largest In South India

February 28 2011 10:42 AM

A few decades back those living in Vyttila, even in the wildest of their dreams, could never imagine that Vyttila would achieve the kind of glamour that it has attained today. Years back, Vyttila too was a non-descript place like most other places in and around Vyttila. Buses passing through the 'tiny' Vyttila seldom stopped as there were only very few passengers to alight and board the bus. Now when you enter Vyttila and you wake up to a whole new feeling. Perhaps, a similar thought surfaces only when you are in the crossroads of a bustling metropolis elsewhere in the country. It's true that when you are at Vyttila, there certainly erupts a feeling of vibrancy which doubtlessly no other part of Kochi provides. The epithets of Vyttila are aplenty. It is regarded as the biggest traffic point in Kerala, it boasts of some of the swankiest showrooms in the state and more importantly, the excellent connectivity is rated as Vyttila's USP. They say, staying in touch, be it in the office or at home, is never a difficult proposition if you are located in and around Vyttila. A few concrete structures housing shops selling grocery and textile were largely regarded as the 'landmarks' of the place. But the fortunes of this 'quiet' residential area underwent a sea change with the construction of National Highway 47 in the early eighties. And thus began the odyssey of Vyttila into the big league. Identifying Vyttila's importance, almost all the top notch players in the real estate business have started developing properties here. And understandably, more and more projects are on the anvil. Accompanied by plentiful value-added features, the aesthetically designed villas and apartments that are coming up in and around Vyttila are finding ready takers. A wealth of worthy combinations like good roads, easy accessibility to anywhere in the city, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and places of worship have made Vyttila a favourite hub of Kochiites. The greatest advantage of this location is that a few hours of drive from Vyttila, by road, can take you to any part of the state within few hours. With the in-flow of people with an intention of permanently residing in Kochi, the demand for accommodation is on the rise in Kochi. In the recent past, the occupancy levels in all class of apartments and villas have also gone up significantly. Vyttila Mobility Hub is an integrated transit terminal in the city of Kochi. It is designed as a converging point of various forms of public transportation, such as local and long distance buses, metro rail and water transport. The first phase, consisting of the terminal for long distance buses and the basic amenities, started construction in December, 2010. When fully implemented, it will have facility to integrate all modes of public transportation, as well as for shopping, entertainment and hospitality. After completion it will be largest bus terminus in the Kerala state and third largest in South India. Courtesy: The Hindu