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The KSRTC had Expressed Difficulties about Sharing the Facilities in Vyttila Mobility Hub

March 31 2011 12:35 PM

KOCHI: The much-hyped Vyttila Mobility Hub is built as the solution to solving the traffic chaos of the city. However, there are fears of the KSRTC finding it difficult to operate from the hi-tech centre due to lack of space. The Kerala Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has said that the facilities in the hub is insufficient for the Corporation to operate its services. ‘The KSRTC had already informed the authorities about it much before. But there is no response to the concerns raised by it,’ G Jayaraj, District Transport Officer said. The hub has been planned in such a way as to accommodate all the buses coming from different parts to the city. There are also plans to accommodate other vehicles inside the hub. Jayaraj also said that the KSRTC had little facilities to shift its entire offices, bus stand and workshop. The KSRTC is able to operate from the present area only because there are about four acres at its disposal, he said. The same area will not be available at the mobility hub. According to the plan the private buses and the KSRTC buses will have to share the workshop at the hub. This is not practical, he said. The private bus owners’ association president Makkar Kunju said that it had no objection provided there is no delay in operating their service. He said that the private buses had a very tight schedule and had little time to waste, waiting in the queue to fill fuel. The KSRTC can afford to wait for any long period as their schedule is tight. The Vytilla Mobility Hub managing director M Beena said that the concept is to share the facilities in the hub. The fuel station and the workshop are common for private and government buses, she said. Beena said that the KSRTC had expressed difficulties about sharing the facilities. The aim is to decongest the city and efforts will be take to achieve it, she said. She also said that talks are on to find a solution to the issue. Courtesy expressbuzz