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Quotation Notice

April 07 2014 5:09 PM


Sealed quotations are invited from authorized agents of Karnataka State Transport Corporation willing to establish and run a ticket reservation and information counter in the 13th bay of Vyttila Mobility Hub Bus Terminal.

  1. The license for establishing counter shall be for a period of 11 months from 25/04/2014 to 24/03/2015.
  2. The agency shall produce a copy of letter/certificate issued by the competent authority of Karnataka State Transport as a proof of his/her being an authorized agent of KSRTC.
  3. The party shall be allotted a space of 49 sq.ft (7 * 7 feet) area inside the 13th bay to establish a KIOSK for the business purpose.
  4. The successful bidder shall construct the KIOSK of suitable nature matching the ambiance of the terminal at his own cost. The party shall comply with the directions of the Engineer of VMHS while constructing the KIOSK.
  5. The bidder shall quote the monthly rent for the said period of 11 months and highest bidder shall be awarded the work. The base rent rate for the premise fixed by VMHS is Rs. 3850/- per month.
  6. Six months rent shall be remitted with VMHS before execution of agreement as Security Deposit.
  7. The party shall remove the KIOSK constructed and return the premises in good condition if he is unable to succeed in the future quotations.
  8. The M.D, VMHS shall be free reject any quotes without assessing reasons.
  9. The last date of receipt of quotation is 16/04/14, 2.30.PM.

Managing Director